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A Qualitative Investigation of Facilitators to Black and Latino Adolescent and Young Adults' Participation in a Couple-Based HIV Prevention Study

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American Journal of Health Promotion : AJHP

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Health Behavior and Community Health


PURPOSE: Recruitment and retention of adolescents and young adults (AYAs) in couple-based HIV prevention research can be difficult. This study's primary objective is to identify factors that influenced Black and Latino AYAs to participate in couple-based HIV/STI prevention research.

DESIGN: In-depth, semi-structured qualitative interviews.

SETTING: Face-to-face interviews with couples recruited from the South Bronx, New York.

PARTICIPANTS: Twenty-three heterosexual couples (46 individuals) aged 16-28 (M = 20.1, SD = 3.01).

METHODS: Participants completed 60 to 90-minute individual and dyadic interviews. All interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed. Thematic analysis was

RESULTS: Two levels of influence emerged from participants' interviews regarding their reasons for study participation: 1) individual factors (interest in the study topic, study incentives, opportunity to help their community, and opportunity to learn something new), 2) interpersonal factors (positive interactions with the research team, partner's desire to participate and relationship strengthening). There were key differences by gender and recruitment order.

CONCLUSION: Black and Latino AYAs report multiple reasons for participating in couple-based research. Highlighting the benefits of study participation to themselves, their relationships, and their communities may be an important strategy for engaging AYAs in couple-based research.