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Hair-Loss Perceptions and Treatment Expectations in Young People of Color

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Journal of Drugs in Dermatology : JDD

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BACKGROUND: While much research has been dedicated to hair loss in older patients, little has addressed hair loss perception and treatment expectations among young people of color (POC). This study evaluates disease perceptions, willingness to utilize specific therapies, and treatment expectations in younger versus older POC with any form of hair loss.

METHODS: An online survey was utilized to analyze 217 responses to 37 questions assessing perceptions of hair loss, hair care practices, and treatment expectations among others. These parameters were measured on a 1–5 Likert scale. Comparison between groups was be done using Chi-Square tests for proportions and Student t-tests.

RESULTS: Included were 52 respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 (POC30). The reported average hair loss in POC67.0%, compared to POC>30 reporting 60.0% (P30 (P30 (P30 (P30 (P30 (P<0.01).

CONCLUSION: Early identification and appropriate management of young POC with hair loss may facilitate follicular rescue. This, in turn, may help reduce the negative consequences of advanced hair loss, such as embarrassment, as seen in older POC. J Drugs Dermatol. 2021;20(7):746-750. doi:10.36849/JDD.5960.