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Non-Operative Management of a Pediatric Patient With Bilateral Subdural Hematomas in the Setting of Ruptured Arachnoid Cyst

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Pediatric subdural hematomas (SDH) are associated with arachnoid cysts (AC), particularly in the middle cranial fossa (MCF). Operative management of these hemorrhages is a mainstay of treatment. Conservative management may be an option if there is minimal mass effect and the patient is mildly symptomatic. A 14-year-old male presented with right frontal headaches that worsened with activity. He was found to have a large right MCF AC. Scheduled routine outpatient follow-up CT of the head demonstrated bilateral SDH. There was no history of significant head trauma. He was admitted for close observation and his inpatient scans remained stable. Outpatient follow-up imaging over the course of three and a half years demonstrated resolution of SDH and decreased AC size. He denied headaches and continued doing well in school. ACs are a risk factor for the development of SDH in young male patients after minor trauma. Development of intracranial hypotension secondary to AC rupture may have contributed to the development of bilateral SDH in our patient. We demonstrate here that close clinical follow up with serial imaging may be considered a management strategy in these patients.