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Twitter 101 and Beyond: Introduction to Social Media Platforms Available to Practicing Hematologist/oncologists

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October 2017


Orthopedic Surgery


Social media utilizes specific media platforms to allow increased interactivity between participants. These platforms serve diverse groups and purposes including participation from patients, family caregivers, research scientists, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies. Utilization of these information outlets has increased with integration at conferences and between conferences with the use of hashtags and "chats". In the realm of the "e-Patient" it is key to not underestimate your audience. Highly technical information is just as useful as a basic post. With growing use, social media analytics help track the volume and impact of content. Additionally, platforms are leveraging each other for uses, including Twitter, blogs, web radio, and recorded video and images. We explore information on social media resources and applications from varying perspectives. While these platforms will evolve over time, or disappear with new platforms taking their place, it is apparent they are now a part of the everyday experience of oncology communication.