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BACKGROUND: We present a case of gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma that does not fit the current World Health Organization classifications. CASE PRESENTATION: A 74-year-old Caribbean-American woman presented with lymphocytosis, pruritus, and non-drenching night sweats. Bone marrow and peripheral blood analyses both confirmed the diagnosis of gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma. An axillary lymph node biopsy was negative for lymphoma. Clinically absent hepatosplenomegaly and skin lesions with biopsy-proven gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma suggest that she is unclassifiable within the current classification system. CONCLUSIONS: We believe this is a case of not otherwise specified gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma. Accumulation of these rare not otherwise specified cases will be important for future classification which further defines the biology of this disease.

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Originally published in Journal of Medical Case Reports (2017) 11:163. The original material can be found here.

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