Submissions from 2021

The Nephrotic Syndrome: New Diagnostic Tests and New Treatments, Gerald Appel MD (Article)

Medicine Grand Rounds: Could my Returning Traveler have a Parasite?, Christine Coyle MD (Presentation)

Medical Grand Rounds: The Contagion Next Time: Underlying Socioeconomic and Racial Divides and Our Risks from COVID and Future Pandemics, Sandro Galea MD, DrPH (Presentation)

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: Advances in Lung Cancer Management: Have We Found the Magic Bullet?, Balazs Halmos MD (Presentation)

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: Prevention, Delay and Treatment of Autoimmune Diabetes: Has the time come?, Kevan Herold MD (Presentation)

PPI's: Balancing Fact or Fiction, Daniela Jodorkovsky MD (Presentation)

COVID-19: The Long Road to Recovery, Carol Karmen MD (Article)

Update on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Robert Lahita MD (Presentation)

Gastroenterology Grand Rounds: Liver Pathology Conference, Edward Lebovics MD (Presentation)

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: A Case Study in Evidence-Based Medicine: Revisiting Some Decisions of the United States Preventive Services Task Force, Barron Lerner MD (Presentation)

Current Treatments of Migraine Headaches, Jin Li MD, PhD (Poster)

Current Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism: Everything you Need to Know in 5 Minutes, Ramin Malekan MD (Presentation)

Obesity Medicine: How to help your patients lose weight, Jamie Mullally MD (Presentation)

Bench to Bedside: Conflict Principles to be Learned from Health Care Compliance Investigations and Enforcement, John Rah JD (Presentation)

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: Screening for Colon Cancer 2021, Douglas Rex MD (Presentation)

Update in Lung Cancer Screening, Anna Rozenshtein MD (Presentation)

Building Capacity in a Low-Resource Setting: The East African Training Initiative in Pulmonary Medicine... and What is Global Health, Anyway?, Neil Schluger MD (Presentation)

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: Thyroid Case Discussions, Martin Surks MD (Presentation)

Submissions from 2020

Critical Care Grand Rounds: AARDS 1967-2020 A Historical Perspective, Lawrence DeLorenzo MD (Presentation)