Alternative Techniques To Remove Retained Silicone Oil Droplets On IOLs

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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: To describe several modified approaches to remove retained silicone oil droplets on intraocular lens (IOLs).

METHODS: Four novel techniques for removing retained silicone oil droplets on IOLs were described.

RESULTS: All four techniques led to an improved IOL with a good view to the posterior segment. No intraoperative or long-term postoperative complications have been seen in any of these eyes. These modified approaches are safe, efficient, low cost, and use existing vitreoretinal operating room supplies to add to the vitreoretinal surgeon's armamentarium to clear retained IOL silicone droplets.

CONCLUSION: It is advocated for having multiple techniques at the disposal of the vitreoretinal surgeon to address retained silicone oil on IOLs. Being able to use multiple techniques may not be superior than a single approach but is often necessary to accomplish the surgical goal of removing these adherent droplets.