The Human Microbiome Project

The Human Microbiome Project


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This resource is a collection of articles, book chapters, and videos about the Human Microbiome.The Microbiome is loosely defined as microorganisms, such as bacteria, that are found throughout the human body. It plays an important role in our understanding of our interactions with microorganisms and can help better understand which microorganisms are associated with clinical conditions and can help to improve the overall state of human health. The Human Microbiome provides some background information on microorganisms in general. There is a lot of Microbiome information provided. Some in the form of informative video content, some in the form of an online course at MIT and links to papers and online books and other important websites that inform a lot about the microbiome. Finally, since this is intended to be a resource for Lander College for Women, a Womens Jewish College, there is also information about the impact of the human microbiome on women's health, as well as information regarding a parallel concept in Jewish Philosophy, that a human being is a microcosm of a world.-Neil Normand, Touro University, 2021

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Spring 2021


Touro University


Medicine and Health Sciences


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Neil Normand, Principles of Biology I lab, Principles of Biology II lab (BION 101/102)

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The Human Microbiome Project

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