The Science Journal of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences


With Zika virus spreading worldwide, a lot of attention is drawn to researching its pathogenesis and etiology. It has also been noticed by various research groups and such health agencies such as CDC and WHO that there might be a connection between ZIKV and microcephaly, due to the spiking number of cases of microcephaly reported in areas with affected patients. Temporal and geographical data from the affected ZIKV areas, including Brazil and French Polynesia, suggests a connection between microcephaly and the virus. Tests of amniotic fluids of pregnant women with reported Zika virus infection and microcephalic fetuses revealed the presence of viral RNA. Zika was also found in placenta and fetal brain tissue collected from two miscarriages and two newborns. Evidence presented in this review is sufficient to prove an existent causal relationship between Zika virus and prenatal and neonatal microcephaly.