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Many men experiencing hair loss often wonder: is there a cure? Can I get my hair regrown? This thesis addresses these very issues, the anatomy of the pilosebaceous hair, the hair growth cycle, and the suggested causes of male pattern hair loss are examined. Finally, the various drugs that have been suggested to reduce hair loss and even cause hair regrowth are reviewed. After examining the various treatments, it can be concluded with reasonable certainty that hair loss can be halted and often reversed by using FDA approved drugs finasteride and minoxidil. Other drugs such as ketoconazole and dutasteride have also demonstrated effectiveness in treating hair loss, however no FDA approval has yet to be issued, either due to lack of evidence demonstrating their efficacy, or due to concerns of negative side effects. The major disadvantage of using hair loss drugs is that one must continuously use the drug to maintain its benefits. It is therefore plausible to conclude that as of yet hair loss cannot be cured, rather its progression can be prevented as long as one uses the drug.



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