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There are three theories of cancer development analyzed in this review. The first theory is the immunological theory, which states that cancer is a result of the immune system failing to detect a cancerous cell in which results in uncontrolled cell growth. The second theory is the somatic mutation theory, which states that genetic mutations are a direct cause cancer. The third theory is the stem cell theory which states that cancer results from an uncontrolled stem cell. The difference in each theory helps guide a clinician’s judgment in how to treat cancer. If a clinician believes in the immunological theory, he/she will view the best route of treatment as being by targeting the patient’s immune system. One who believes somatic mutation theory would say that the patient’s genetic makeup of the patient is the ideal target for treatment. One who believes in the stem cell theory would say that the only method of treatment is to remove the cancer entirely as any residual cancer will return. Based on all the evidence it appears that there is not one individual factor that causes cancer development, rather it is a combination of several factors that result in cancer.



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