The Science Journal of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences


Tamar Itzkowitz


Infantile colic (IC) is an important area of current research due to the extreme distress it causes parents and their infants. It is vital that a cause is isolated so that treatment can be found because IC is a risk factor for child abuse. In this paper, two major theories were posed to elucidate the underlying cause of IC—the gastrointestinal model and the neurological model. The gastrointestinal model suggests that IC stems from issues such as an immature gut. The neurological model suggests that infantile migraines are the causative agents of IC. Both theories supply correlational evidence but are subject to scrutiny because they are incomplete. A third theory, the fourth trimester theory, is suggested to fill in the gaps found in the two major models. Due to the novelty of this area of research, additional studies, such as genetics studies are suggested for future IC research.



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