The Science Journal of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences


The purpose of this paper is to determine the exact dangers of leisure music to society, as peoples’ hearing can be negatively impacted by excessive exposure to music, in terms of both duration and sound (dB) level. Two types of studies are analyzed. One study analyzes the effects of concert and disco style music on musicians and party guests, primarily through experiments which test pure-tone audiometry, distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE), and general sound levels of people and places before, during, and after exposure. Another study analyzes the effects of personal listening devices (PLDs) on the population, mainly through studies, questionnaires, hearing tests, and experiments. The results of many studies show that, due to the popularity of personal listening devices, people are listening to more music, more often, in more places, and at higher dB levels than ever before. The results determine that whereas both PLDs and concerts are harmful to society, PLDs pose a greater threat to users’ auditory functions.