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The purpose of this paper is to better understand the methods problems and some solutions for siRNA treatments. The benefits of this novel medical treatment are explored and its benefits are expounded on by comparing it to other more complex and futuristic treatments. The exact process of siRNA silencing and down regulation is unknown. Some hypotheses of how it may work are discussed giving precedence to the most widely accepted hypothesis. Although siRNA treatments are not yet used on a major scale for many diseases, different possible treatment options are compared and explained. Particular care was taken to give a broad range of illnesses in order to show the vast possibilities of siRNA therapy. The common problems and some methods to overcome them are arranged in an orderly manner starting from the time the siRNA treatment is administered, through its delivery and subsequent potency, followed finally by its degradation. SiRNA's viability as a treatment is then analyzed primarily on its large interest in many fields, as well as the enormous progress it has made since its discovery just a short while ago.



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