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The oral cavity harbors more than 700 microbial species and is one of the most complex ecosystems ever described. While the majority of these microbes are considered commensal, some of them are responsible for oral infectious diseases such as dental caries, periodontitis, halitosis and stomatitis. The advancement of modern science has greatly furthered our understanding of oral microbes and their roles in host health and disease. It has also led to the development of new tools for early detection, effective treatment, and prevention of oral microbial infections. This perspective provides a general understanding of oral microbiology, and its clinical relationship to oral infectious diseases, with a specific focus on denture-related microbial infections. The perspective also discusses the potential for developing innovative interventions for managing denture-related disease based on recent advances in our understanding of oral microbiology and denture-associated biofilms.

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Originally published in Dentistry Open Journal, 2(3), 80-86. Licensed under CC BY 4.0. doi:10.17140/DOJ-2-116



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