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Objective. To describe the implementation of a 1-day accelerated physical examination course for a doctor of pharmacy program and to evaluate pharmacy students’ knowledge, attitudes, and confi- dence in performing physical examination.

Design. Using a flipped teaching approach, course coordinators collaborated with a physician faculty member to design and develop the objectives of the course. Knowledge, attitude, and confidence survey questions were administered before and after the practical laboratory.

Assessment. Following the practical laboratory, knowledge improved by 8.3% (p,0.0001). Students’ perceived ability and confidence to perform a physical examination significantly improved (p,0.0001). A majority of students responded that reviewing the training video (81.3%) and reading material (67.4%) prior to the practical laboratory was helpful in learning the physical examination.

Conclusion. An accelerated physical examination course using a flipped teaching approach was successful in improving students’ knowledge of, attitudes about, and confidence in using physical examination skills in pharmacy practice.

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Originally published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 78(10) [Article 182]. Reprinted with permission of the publisher. doi:10.5688/ajpe7810182