Stuart Bushnell

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Master of Education (MEd)

MA Concentration

Educational Leadership


Pamela A. Redmond, Jim O'Connor


In most high schools across California students are under performing. California high school standards for English are not being met at grade level. This poses some serious questions with regard to English Language Arts. This research is concerned with methods for instructional improvement. This research was conducted at one site to find out if teachers in the 9th grade English classes were teaching to all learning modalities and helping students become grade level ready. Does student attitude towards the teacher or the work assigned also affect academic performance? In addition to these possibilities, is the lack of student achievement related to high school readiness in grades 9th - 11th? This research will hope to shed some light on these questions by presenting this research project. Research by Rothman (2009) asserted, "The strong and growing pressure to raise academic achievement for all students has focused educators' attention on student learning. More than ever before, teachers and administrators at all levels know they must do something to ensure that all students reach challenging standards" (p. 44).