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Master of Education (MEd)

MA Concentration

Educational Technology


Website, Echo, 21st Century Skills, Professional Development


Roger Pence, Pamela A. Redmond, Jim O'Connor


This project sought to provide a simple, user-friendly website for teachers using the New Tech Network Echo system. Teachers, students, and parents at a Northern California School District use Echo as their web-based learning management system that supports Project-based learning (PBL). Echo is the website that displays the assignments, gradebook, projects, Google mail, and several Google applications.

Teachers agree that professional development is beneficial when the information they learned is implemented on a regular basis as part of their work day. This Echo Quick Start website is useful as Echo is implemented daily for teachers who are a part of the New Tech Network. Maintaining the Echo system and making certain the information shown to parents and students is correct and timely is a requirement of teachers at the school district

The literature suggested that use of technology in the classroom enhances teacher and student engagement. Unfortunately, teachers report lack of comfort with using the technology as the main reason that they refrain from using technology in the classroom. While Echo is a required and useful tool, having a website to refer to ensures teachers and students support.

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