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Master of Education (MEd)

MA Concentration

Educational Technology


Pamela A. Redmond, Happy Johnson, Jim O'Connor


This project examines the benefits of using wikis to teach math, specifically asking the question: Will upper elementary students retain math knowledge more if they learn and practice concepts using a wiki? Traditional teaching is not working, as demonstrated by stagnant or decreasing test scores and students' lack of engagement. Digital natives are coming to school proficient in using digital devices, and teachers need to offer them the opportunity to learn the same way. Fifth grade students learn many math concepts, formulas and algorithms yet they may forget them year after year. Using a wiki can help students retain what they learn because wilds are collaborative, students work with peers in their classroom or even in another classroom or school. Research showed that students who work on a wiki take ownership of their work since they actually do author pages, and that the knowledge that a "real" audience of classmates or beyond (if the wiki is open, anyone on the World Wide Web could view it) may see their work pushed students. They are creating something for a real purpose and a real audience, not answering questions out of a textbook to be turned in to a teacher's IN box.