Publication Date


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Master of Arts in Education (MA)


Mastery, Effective Practice, Independent learning, Self-regulation


Linda Haymes, Pamela A. Redmond, Jim O'Connor


Beginning in 4th grade, the Napa Unified School District, students received only 40 minutes of music instruction once a week, which was around 26 hours of instruction total per year. Compared to other parts of the world this amount of instructional time allotted to music was somewhat shocking. This project sought to deal with this issue of time in order to maintain pace with other music programs of the world.

Practice Pal ™ provided students with resources, tools, and aids to help them to learn how to learn independently, teaching skills in building independence, self-awareness, self-improvement with regard to the student’s musical abilities. In using this website, Practice Pal™, students learned how to set clear and challenging goals, problem solve, and reflect through self-assessment. Practice pal™ provided digital models, practice tools and strategies to help students reach their goals. The objective was to teach students the value of or mastery oriented learning through meaningful learning goals, self analysis or regulation, and to create solutions to their technical issues with their instrument.

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