Jo Ann Clark

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Master of Arts in Education (MA)


Enrique Dominguez Deleon, Pamela A. Redmond


The purpose of this project was to determine if the Cold Call technique from Teach Like A Champion (Lemov, 2010) produced an increase in student engagement in a class of seventh grade students. Lemov states that the single most powerful technique to promote universal achievement is calling on students regardless of who raises their hand. The researcher's interests were in the effectiveness of the Cold Call technique as a tool to increase student engagement, and to evaluate student perceptions of engagement during use of the strategy. Lemov does not provide any research data to justify his claim that Cold Call produces an increase in student engagement. This project was completed with a class of seventh grade Social Studies students in a self-contained classroom over a period of three weeks. The project involved a preliminary third party observation to determine baseline of student response modes, along with a pre-test given to students to identify their perceptions of being engaged in class. Next, explicit direct instruction on the technique Cold Call was taught to the students. The final phase included an observation during the use of Cold Call technique, followed by a post-test given to students asking them to evaluate their participation during the use of Cold Call.