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Master of Arts in Education (MA)


active learning, technology, presentation tool, motivation


Dan A. Beltramo, Jim O'Connor


When students become involved and put more ownership into sharing the knowledge learned, they become active learners. If technology shifts from being the delivery tool for information to the presentation tool of student learning, then students can become active learners with technology. The challenge for the teacher becomes the development of strategies for teaching with technology that will deliver the academic knowledge base of the curriculum and provided students with the opportunity to use that technology to develop their academic skills. The purpose of this action research study was to examine student perceptions concerning the use of computer presentation programs. The students observed PowerPoint presentations given by their instructor and then were assigned the task of delivering their own PowerPoint presentations. Ten secondary students in a special education program completed a 34-item Likert scale survey in regards to presentation technology. The majority of the students had favorable opinions about the use of PowerPoint presentations by their teachers and their own use of PowerPoint technology.