Publication Date


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Master of Education (MEd)

MA Concentration

Educational Technology


English Learners, Digital Storytelling, Vocabulary, 21st Century Learning


Roger Pence, Pamela A. Redmond, Jim O'Connor


As ELs became a larger part of the school population, the importance of supporting their growth in reading comprehension is of the utmost importance. Without the support in reading, ELs fall behind other students, and become more likely to not finish high school. Extensive research on the learning of ELs shows that in order to build up their reading skills, the vocabulary of ELs needs to be built up. In order to build ELs vocabulary, teachers should use resources that utilize the technology modern students already use. This leads to the use of digital storytelling - using digital media to convey a message. Using digital storytelling would fall under the practice of Social Constructivism. This is because digital storytelling teaches a new concept, in this case vocabulary, through a context students are already familiar with, which would be technology. After researching its use in the classroom, and applying it himself, the researcher created a website that will serve as a resource for other teachers to effectively use digital storytelling in their own classroom.