Tracy Ruiz

Publication Date


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Master of Education (MEd)

MA Concentration

Innovative Learning, Educational Technology


Dan A. Beltramo, Jim O'Connor


Education is steadily shifting toward the increased use of technology in the classroom. While some students may have unlimited access to technology, others simply do not, nor do they know much about how to use any of it. It is argued that technology increases student interest, attention, and as a result, achievement. In addition, as the use of technology continues to increase, society is bombarded with "the newest thing" in all circles. From education to personal use, we are flooded with new and more technologically efficient ways to do just about everything.

One such "newest thing" is the web-based program "Study Island." This program claims and strives to prepare students to take crucial standardized exams in their respective states more efficiently than its competitors. Is this true? The all-important question is simply: does access and use of technology, specifically the program Study Island increase student motivation, performance and/or achievement?