Stephanie Bond

Publication Date


Document Type



Master of Education (MEd)

MA Concentration

Innovative Learning, Educational Technology


Dan A. Beltramo, Jim O'Connor


As students are inundated with the latest technologies at home, it is getting increasingly harder to grab and maintain the needed attention to assure learning and understanding of academic curriculum. It has been hypothesized that using technology combined with a project-based learning (PBL) approach in the classroom can facilitate the student's ability to learn. In this action research study an experimental design was employed to examine whether student motivation for participation and learning in social studies could be influenced through the combined use of multi-media presentation software, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint™ and PBL. In this study, cooperative learning groups of three to four students were responsible for creating their own PowerPoint ™presentation based on the information gathered on a specific area of Ancient Egyptian civilization. The results of this action research indicate that the use of presentation software such as PowerPoint™ markedly increases student interest and active involvement in a collaborative learning process.