Michael Huss

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MA Concentration

Innovative Learning, Educational Technology


Roger Pence, Pamela A. Redmond, Jim O'Connor


This project set out to examine potential websites that could be used to teach the writing process to secondary students using collaborative modalities. Upon researching these sites, the website was found to have the most potential for this writing processing. The project then evaluated the performance of a sixth grade core class of twenty-nine students on two writing activities using Students were to write a response to a prompt using the website. Once their responses were posted, they then read at least three of their peers' responses and sent comments on the content of the responses. Finally students were to revise their responses with the opportunity to borrow content from their peers' responses to improve their writing. The website automatically cited any work they borrowed. The student then were able to rate each other's responses on the website. Upon evaluation of their performance, the use of collaborative writing proved to be a challenge for the sixth grade students.

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