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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Culminating Project Paper

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School of Nursing

Project Advisor

Jacqueline Clavo

Faculty Committee Member

Julian Gallegos, Ana Maldonado, Philip Bautista


Clinical preceptorship training is a unique component in medical doctors, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner's academic curriculum. Preceptors are licensed clinicians, mentor student(s) during their regular hours of employment without additional compensation. California is currently experiencing a primary care shortage crisis, and with the push to train more health care professionals to meet these shortages, there has been an increase in schools, but not enough preceptors to train new students. This shortage in preceptors is widespread throughout the United States, with many programs having difficulty securing a preceptor site to educate students (Association of American Medical Colleges, 2018).

The culminating project is to provide a solution to the health care crisis by proposing a new bill to California legislation to incentivize preceptors to mentor students through a tax credit. This project describes the steps and methodology in bill proposal in California.

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Nursing Commons