Submissions from 2023

Electrical Charge Imbalance Is the Reason for the Formation of Spiral Galaxies, V. Demichev (Article)

Business Analysis During the Coronavirus Pandemic, M. Donskoy, E. Zamega, and O. Blokhina (Article)


Analysis of Business Development in the Context of Digitalization During the COVID Pandemic, M. Donskoy, E. Zamega, O. Blokhina, and V. Demichev (Article)


Creating a Multilingual E-Learning Resource for International Students, I. Korekov, E. Zamega, O. Blokhina, and L. Gerashchenko (Article)

Submissions from 2022

Model for Detecting Unidentified Space Objects, O. Blokhina, A. Lebedev, and K. Kuchmezov (Conference Proceeding)


Ontological Aspects of Political Communication in the New Information Reality, I. Bronnikov, M. Gorbachev, and I. Geraskin (Conference Proceeding)


The Role of Framing in Constructing the Image of the Region (By the Materials of the Tomsk Region), I. Bronnikov and M. Nazarova (Conference Proceeding)

Trends in Education: The Future Came Yesterday, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)


Creation of Services for Digitization of Chess and Billiard Games, V. Demichev, I. Noek, E. Zamega, and O. Blokhina (Article)


Using Modern Technologies to Create Educational Programs, V. Demichev, V. Sokolov, and E. Zamega (Article)

Is Modern Russian Society Ready for the Reform of Spelling and Punctuation?, E. Dmitriev (Conference Proceeding)


Digital Communication Channels of Protesters: National Specificity and Opportunities for Intercountry Functioning, M. Gorbachev, I. Bronnikov, and I. Geraskin (Conference Proceeding)


The Perspective of Distance Learning: Pros and Cons, T. Gorskaya and Emma Zamega (Article)

Motivation Among Students Studying Hebrew as a Second Foreign Language, I. Grigorian (Conference Proceeding)

On the Possibilities of Using These Corpora in Teaching Modern Hebrew, I. Grigorian (Conference Proceeding)


Problems in Mastering the Grammar of Hebrew as a Second Foreign Language, I. Grigorian (Conference Proceeding)

The Specifics of Teaching a Foreign Language in Universities with an Ethno-Confessional Component, I. Grigorian (Conference Proceeding)


Introduction of Information Technologies in the Process of Learning the Game of Chess, I. Noek, E. Zamega, L. Gerashchenko, and D. Aisina (Article)

Improving of the Institutional Landscape of the Russian Federation Economic Security with Taking Into Account the Pandemic Realities, S. Novoselov, A. Danchenko, and N. Gorkovenko (Book Chapter)

Teaching Economic Disciplines at the University in the Light of the Concept of Open Education and the Theory of Generations: Innovative Technologies for Teaching in Universities, Sergey Novoselov (Conference Proceeding)


Problematic Fields of Functioning of the Banking Sector During the Pandemic, Sergey Novoselov and O. Gorkusha (Article)


Methodological Aspects and Financial Foundations for the Development of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Regional University Ecosystems, S. Novoselov, N. Novoselova, and O. Gorkusha (Article)


Review of the Views of Foreign Researchers on the Economic Aspects of the Beginning and Consequences of the Arms Race as an Element of the Cold War, S. Novoselov, N. Novoselova, and O. Gorkusha (Conference Proceeding)


Teaching Economic Disciplines to Students of Generation Z, S. Novoselov, N. Novoselova, and O. Gorkusha (Article)


Definitional Dialectics of Interaction Between the Concept of Sustainable Development and the "Green Economy", S. Novoselov and T. Yudina (Article)

The Modern Market of SMM Services, L. Sharipova (Conference Proceeding)

Econometrics: Methodology and Practice, Emma Zamega (Book)


Law in the Field of Information Technology, Emma Zamega and I. Kolontaevskaya (Book)

Submissions from 2021


Panspectron: State, Media-Corporate, Public?, I. Bronnikov (Article)


Factors of Formation and Development of Regional Environmental Protest Movements in Modern Russia, I. Bronnikov, G. Belousov, and M. Gorbachev (Article)


Grassroots and Hybrid Civic Initiatives: Features of Politicization, I. Bronnikov and M. Gorbachev (Article)


Media Activism and Civil Mobilization: Genesis and Trends, I. Bronnikov, M. Gorbachev, O. Kononenko, and I. Timirchev (Article)


Digital Citizenship in the Russian Federation: Political Risks and Prospects, I. Bronnikov and V. Karpova (Article)


Political Science Education in Modern Russian Universities (2017–2021), I. Bronnikov and M. Tsybryaeva (Article)


A Digital Twin in the Political Process of Modern Russia, I. Bronnikov and G. Zakalsky (Article)

Actualization of Convergent Communication as a Paradigm of New Practices, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)

Anti-Crisis Communications: New Challenges and New Opportunities, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)

Art in Advertising or About Whether "Art Is Dying" in Advertising, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)

Expansion of the Aesthetic in the Modern Communication Continuum, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)

Pedagogical Design (Project-Based Learning) - the Trend of a Multi-Channel Sight and the Landscape of Innovation in Education, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)

Public Relations: Features of Traditional and Alternative Ways of Forming a Business Image of an Organization, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)

Using the KNIME Visual Programming System for Teaching Data Analysis, V. Demichev (Conference Proceeding)

Title as a Means of Forming and Perceiving the Image of the State, A. Golovina (Article)


On the Corpora of Modern Colloquial Hebrew, I. Grigorian (Article)

Peculiarities of Teaching Hebrew as L2 for Students of Humanitarian and Non-Humanitarian Faculties, I. Grigorian (Conference Proceeding)

Analysis of the Impact of the Coronacrisis and Government Support Measures on Tourism, N. Gubskaya and S. Ablyaev (Article)

Systemic Problems of Pandemiogenesis Processes of Transformation of the "Green" Economy, S. Novoselov (Conference Proceeding)


Food Security Against the Backdrop of Pandemic Processes, S. Novoselov and E. Belkina (Article)

Contours of Post-COVID Trajectories of Behavioral Economics, S. Novoselov and O. Gorkusha (Article)


Sketch of Socio-Economic Portraits of Moscow and the Moscow Region: The Dialectic of Interaction, S. Novoselov and N. Poluyanova (Article)

Business Game as a Basic Component of High School Mathematical Training of Non-Technical Specialists, V. Poladova (Conference Proceeding)

Project Technology in the Context of Training Specialists in the Socio-Economic Sphere: Modern Problems of Science and Education, V. Poladova (Article)

Some Aspects of Foreign Practice of Training Specialists in Social Work in Higher Education, V. Poladova (Conference Proceeding)

The Method of Projects as a Basic Component of the Professional Training of Specialists in the Socio-Economic Sphere, V. Poladova and L. Sharapova (Article)

Sustainable Development of the Innovation System in the Context of the Sixth Technological Paradigm, T. Polovova, A. Pinsky, and Yu Gusev (Conference Proceeding)

Modern Problems of Social Insurance, V. Schmidt (Conference Proceeding)

The Role of the Financial System of the USSR in Ensuring Victory Over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, V. Schmidt (Conference Proceeding)

Copywriting in the Modern Communications Market, L. Sharipova (Conference Proceeding)

Improving the Methods and Forms of Communication in Public Relations, N. Shved (Conference Proceeding)

Internet Events as a New Communication Trend in a Pandemic, N. Shved (Conference Proceeding)

Personal Brand in Social Networks: Development and Promotion, N. Shved (Conference Proceeding)

Integrated Communications, N. Shved, V. Konovalenko, and M. Konovalenko (Book)

Possibilities of Using Digital Technologies in Brand Communication Campaigns, N. Shved and I Morozov (Conference Proceeding)

Prospects and Modern Guidelines for the Socio-Economic Development of Food Production, Animal and Vegetable Raw Materials, A. Tsypin, G. Afanas'eva, M. Afonasiev, S. Afonin, O. Gorkusha, and S. Novoselov (Book)

Statistical Model for the Detection of Unidentified Space Bodies, E. Zamega (Conference Proceeding)


Fundamentals of Probability for Economics, Emma Zamega (Book)

Submissions from 2020

On the Development of Information Technology in Modern Agriculture in the Republic of China, O. Blokhina (Conference Proceeding)

Modeling of Innovative Activities at an Enterprise in the Conditions of Corporate Culture, O. Blokhina, E. Zamega, V. Biryukov, T. Ukhina, and L. Stakhova (Article)

Civic Activism in Network Communities, I. Bronnikov (Article)

Protest Potential of Online Mobilization of Russian Citizens, I. Bronnikov (Article)

Self-Organization of Citizens and Online Rallies, I. Bronnikov (Article)


Self-Organization of Citizens in the Era of Digital Communications, I. Bronnikov (Article)

Protest Potential of Self-Organization of Russian Citizens in the Context of the Formation of New Information Institutions and Media Structures, I. Bronnikov and M Gorbachev (Article)

Images of the Great Patriotic War in the Worldview of Millennials, I. Bronnikov and M. Gorbachev (Article)

Innovation Landscape in Online Education: Challenges of the New Reality, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)

Transformation of the Educational Process: From On-Demand Learning to Academic Mobility, N. Chagan (Conference Proceeding)

On the Issue of the Formation of the Economic Concept of Inclusive Education in the Russian Federation, O. Gorkusha and S. Novoselov (Conference Proceeding)

Constructions with a Dative in Hebrew (On the Example of the Works of E. Keret), I. Grigorian (Conference Proceeding)

Features of Teaching Hebrew as L2 for Students of Humanitarian and Non-Humanitarian Faculties, I. Grigorian (Conference Proceeding)

Problems in Mastering Hebrew Grammar as a Second Foreign Language: Traditions and Innovations in Teaching a Foreign Language in a Non-Linguistic University, I. Grigorian (Conference Proceeding)

The Method of Price Formation for New Products Based on Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Analysis, A. Lebedev, A. Afanasiev, S. Golubev, and O Semikova (Article)

Indicators for Assessing the Digitalization of Industrial Enterprises, A. Lebedev, O. Loginova, L. Gurtskoy, and O Semikova (Article)

Organizational and Financial Model "Marketplace" and Competitive Advantages of Online Lending for the Russian Mortgage Market, A. Lebedev, O. Zhukova, and O Semikova (Article)

The Specifics of the Evolution of the Typology of Railway Structures (Locomotive Depots) in Russia in the Context of the Analysis of Structural, Technological, Art History and Architectural and Artistic Features, M. Mikhailov (Conference Proceeding)

Postneoeconomics: An Integrative Attempt to Analyze Methodological and Definitional Aspects, S. Novoselov (Conference Proceeding)

The Palette of Colors of the Modern Economy: A Brief Digression and Popularization of the Issue, S. Novoselov (Conference Proceeding)

On the Concept of Sustainable Development of Municipalities, S Novoselov and M Chistova (Conference Proceeding)


Postneoeconomic: Integrative Analysis of Methodological and Definitional Aspects, Sergey Novoselov (Conference Proceeding)

Definitional Analysis of the Term "Ethnic Economy", S. Novoselov, O. Gorkusha, and M. Shailieva (Conference Proceeding)

Research of Nobel Laureates as the Quintessence of Modern Research in Economics, S. Novoselov and D. Sologubov (Conference Proceeding)

Game Technology as a Means of Developing Students' Cognitive Activity in Mathematics Lessons at a University, V. Poladova (Article)

Methodological Material in Mathematics, V. Poladova (Article)

Problem-Based Learning as a Factor in Optimizing Mathematical Training in Higher Education, V. Poladova (Article)


Structuring School Tasks in Mathematics in According to Different Types of Activities, Valentina Poladova (Article)

Management of Changes in the National Economy, T. Polovova and Yu Gusev (Article)

Finance Course of Lectures, V. Schmidt (Article)

Investment Potential of Insurance Companies, V. Schmidt (Article)

Investment Potential of the Russian Insurance Market Article Sat, V. Schmidt (Conference Proceeding)

Influence of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the State of the Market for Goods and Services, L. Sharipova (Conference Proceeding)

Digital Transformation in Education: An Electronic Textbook of a New Generation, N. Shved (Conference Proceeding)