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Are Your Patients Satisfied? A Systematic Review of Treatment Satisfaction Measures in Psoriasis

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January 2018




Treatment satisfaction is paramount to the field of dermatology. Treatment dissatisfaction directly impacts patient outcomes and health care delivery. A critical need exists for standardized, validated treatment satisfaction measures in dermatology. Comprehensive evaluation of the performance of treatment satisfaction instruments used in psoriasis is lacking. We sought to critically appraise the literature on measurement properties of treatment satisfaction instruments used in psoriasis. We performed a systematic review to identify treatment satisfaction instruments used in psoriasis and corresponding studies on their measurement properties. We followed the COnsensus-based Standards for the selection of health Measurement INstruments (COSMIN) methodology to inform a best evidence synthesis. Eleven instruments were identified. Six achieved positive content validity ratings, 2 achieved positive reliability and structural validity ratings, and 1 achieved a positive internal consistency rating. The REFlective evaLuation of psoriasis Efficacy of Treatment and Severity (REFLETS) and the Spanish Satisfaction With Treatment of Psoriasis Questionnaire (SSWTPQ) had the highest overall performance. Measurement property data for treatment satisfaction instruments were found to be insufficient in identifying a single best treatment satisfaction instrument for psoriasis. Additional studies are required to better characterize the measurement properties of treatment satisfaction measures and allow for standardized assessments across psoriasis clinical trials and clinical practice.