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Separation by Column Chromatography of Cells Active in Delayed-Onset Hypersensitivities

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May 1976




Lymph node cells from guinea-pigs contact sensitive to 1-thiocyamo-2,4-dinitrobenzene have been fractionated by affinity chromatography over modified polyacrylamide beads. Cells mediating lymphokine release in response to active sensitizer were depleted only by chromatography over dinitrophyenyl (DNP) containing substrates and could be specifically eluted with DNP-glycine. DNP rosette-forming cells (RFC) were equally well depleted by chromatography using either DNP or trinitrophenyl containing materials but could not be eluted from the columns by DNP-glycine. While the antigen receptors of cells mediating the release of macrophage agglutination factor in response to DNP-containing antigens and of DNP-RFC were found to be hapten-specific, their specificity was shown to differ using chromatography over trinitrophenyl containing polyacrylamide.

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