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Of Cytometry, Stem Cells and Fountain of Youth

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Stem Cell Reviews and Reports

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Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology


Outlined are advances of cytometry applications to identify and sort stem cells, of laser scanning cytometry and ImageStream imaging instrumentation to further analyze morphometry of these cells, and of mass cytometry to classify a multitude of cellular markers in large cell populations. Reviewed are different types of stem cells, including potential candidates for cancer stem cells, with respect to their "stemness", and other characteristics. Appraised is further progress in identification and isolation of the "very small embryonic-like stem cells" (VSELs) and their autogenous transplantation for tissue repair and geroprotection. Also assessed is a function of hyaluronic acid, the major stem cells niche component, as a guardian and controller of stem cells. Briefly appraised are recent advances and challenges in the application of stem cells in regenerative medicine and oncology and their future role in different disciplines of medicine, including geriatrics.

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Originally published in Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, 13 (4), 465-481. The original material can be found here.