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Perspective on COVID-19: Finally, Telemedicine at Center Stage

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Telemedicine Journal and e-Health : the Official Journal of the American Telemedicine Association

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The new world order caused by COVID-19 virus, associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome, multiple organ failure, and very high mortality, has brought about many changes to our world. Suddenly, the medical community, and those who finance the health care sector, realized that telemedicine and telepresence are applicable, desirable, acceptable, and much sought after by our patients and we can manage just about every disease and condition. Although, by and large, telemedicine has faced challenges and perhaps some resistance, despite its great potential, it has become evident that telemedicine can provide rapid, safe, and high-quality care remotely during this pandemic, the largest one since 1918. Perhaps one benefit of suffering through the COVID-19 pandemic will be the establishment of a new virtual medical world order, and that telemedicine has taken its deserving place in health care: prime time and a center stage.

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