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Sclerosing Mesenteritis in a Patient Heterozygous for Factor V Leiden

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American Journal of Case Reports

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Case Report

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BACKGROUND Sclerosing mesenteritis is an inflammatory and fibrotic disease that affects the mesentery of the small intestine. This condition is non-neoplastic, although it is frequently associated with underlying malignancies. The overall etiology is unclear because of the limited number of cases available for review, yet a number of possible mechanisms have been described, including ischemia. Factor V (FV) Leiden is a hereditary condition causing hypercoagulability, thrombosis, and ischemia. Because ischemia is one of the proposed mechanisms for the fibrosis and sclerotic findings of sclerosing mesenteritis, this case explores a possible association between FV Leiden and sclerosing mesenteritis. CASE REPORT Herein, we describe a case of sclerosing mesenteritis in a patient heterozygous for FV Leiden, with a strong personal and family history of venous thromboembolism. This patient presented with acute worsening of chronic abdominal pain and was found to have a small bowel obstruction requiring acute surgical intervention. Imaging findings and pathologic examination of the ileum and mesentery conclusively diagnosed sclerosing mesenteritis. CONCLUSIONS This case serves to highlight a possible association between mesenteric ischemia secondary to chronic thrombotic activity and sclerosing mesenteritis. This patient's virgin abdomen and lack of additional risk factors for sclerosing mesenteritis make this case a unique presentation of the disorder. This case serves to update the literature at large, as only one prior case in a FV Leiden patient has been described, in which the patient had the additional risk factor of previous abdominal surgery.

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