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Evaluation of Selected Variables to Determine if Any Had Predictive Value For, or Correlated with, Residual Symptoms at Approximately 12 Months after Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Lyme Disease

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Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease

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Subjective symptoms may persist after antibiotic treatment of patients with erythema migrans. Selected baseline variables were evaluated to determine if any correlated with symptom persistence to 12 months (PTLDS). Tingling or an abnormal skin sensation were reported by 5 (71.4%) of the 7 PTLDS cases at the baseline visit versus 4 (13.3%) of the 30 initially symptomatic subjects without PTLDS (P= 0.005). The frequency of having a total score of ≥17, when the Beck Depression Inventory score was added to the number of pain sites that the subject reported at the baseline visit, also showed a significant difference: 71.4% versus 10%, P= 0.002. All but 1 of the 7 subjects with possible PTLDS had either a total score of at least 17 on these 2 measures combined or had a score of ≥2 on the stress event questionnaire used. Clinical investigations should be conducted to validate these findings with other patient cohorts.