Student Perceptions of iPad Efficacy for Collaborative Learning in Biology

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This pedagogical research study was done to evaluate effectiveness of iPads as a collaborative tool for classroom teaching with an overall goal of improving quality of communal learning. Technology usage in classroom teaching has recently escalated with the advent of several mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads, tablets, clickers, Chromebooks etc. Statistical analysis of student feedback on effectiveness of iPads in promoting classroom collaboration in Biology has not been investigated so far. Usage of one iPad per student group motivated interaction, brainstorming, and communal learning within the group. Baiboard and crossword puzzles were employed to promote collaboration in real time between all student groups. These were novel pedagogical techniques employed in this study. iPads enabled students to learn, enjoy, and understand course material very well. When used with Baiboard, iPads appear to be highly effective collaborative teaching tools. Feedback obtained from this study would be highly useful for designing future innovative pedagogical approaches involving iPads.


First published in Kentucky Journal of Excellence in College Teaching and Learning; https://kjectl.eku.edu/ https://encompass.eku.edu/kjectl/

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