Translation Into Russian of Jerome Rothenberg’s Poems: From Triptych (From I. Poland /1931): “The Key of Solomon,” “Satan in Goray,” “The Connoisseur of Jews” From II. Khurbn: “Dibbukim (Dibbiks),” “Der Viderschtand (The Resistance)” From III the Burning Babe: “For the God of Europe. Poems with Variations & Coda,” “Nedjar’s Angels,” “New Altar Pieces 2006.” From New Poems: “A Rediscovered Poem: “Rhyme / By Rhyme / Unsealed,” “Untitled, (“The Presence of the Dead”), From the Book the Mystery of False Attachments: “No World More Clearer,” “I Open Up,” “I Am a Question at /the Universe,” “Hand in Hand the Dead Walk in a Line,” “Eager to Break Thru Language,” “’I’ Is the First Word Spoken,” “The Calculus of Two Plus Two,” “History Is Over,” “Angels Are Cast Aside,” “In the Wat Words Rhyme,” “I Have a Feeling That…” “”I Bear a Hundred Names,” “The Mystery Is All Contained,” “From Friend to Friend the Voice Comes,” “Those Who Have Gone Before Me,” “The President of Desolation,” “A Small Poem,” “A Book of the Book: A Gathering of Fragments for Steve Clay’s 70th Birthday

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