Touro College and University System

Institutional Repository Policies and Procedures

Mission Statement

Touro Scholar is an online institutional repository showcasing and preserving the research and scholarship of the Touro College and University System (including New York Medical College). The Touro Libraries maintain this repository.

Access Policy

The repository has a mix of open and non-open access material. There are also collections that are restricted only to Touro College and University-affiliated users. Some materials may be restricted due to copyright, publisher embargoes, or other usage limitations.

Content Policy

Content is limited to works created or co-created by current Touro College and University System faculty, staff, or students (with faculty approval). Campus policies on materials accepted are subject to change.

Examples of eligible material include:

  • Abstracts published in scholarly/academic journals
  • Conference/symposium articles in published proceedings
  • Articles published in scholarly/academic/professional journals
  • Published books (authored/edited)
  • Published book chapters (authored/edited)
  • Published book/film reviews in academic publications
  • Creative works – curated or published; not self-published (poetry, novels, short stories, published plays, art exhibits, musical scores and choreographed dance, audiovisuals)
  • Published encyclopedia entries (excluding Wikipedia)
  • Letters to the editor, if published in peer-reviewed journals
  • Data sets and other supplements for published materials
  • Student works submitted by department heads
  • Master’s theses
  • Capstone papers
  • Poster presentations
  • Doctoral dissertations
  • Department-published journals
  • Poster presentations
  • Presentation slides from conferences or professional organization meetings (i. e. APTA Combined Sections Meeting)
  • Grey literature, such as working papers or technical reports
  • Campus-specific submissions (see appendix)

Submission Policy

Materials with confidential information should not be submitted. Authors must have a legal right to the materials to submit them; the Touro College and University System is not responsible for copyright/intellectual property violations. Materials that violate these rules will be removed.

For certain projects (i.e. capstone projects) we request that departments/schools appoint representatives who will collaborate with the Libraries in depositing the material.

Author Rights

The “pre-print” refers to the author's copy of a work before it has been submitted for peer review. The “post-print” or "accepted manuscript" is the author's copy of the work after peer review but before it has been formatted and copyedited by the publisher. The "final/publisher's version" is the final version of the article after it has been peer-reviewed and formatted by the publisher, and the one that appears in the published journal/work. We accept pre-prints only if the article has already been published – if this is the only copy the author has access to, and if the publisher does not allow another version to be deposited. We do not accept pre-prints of articles that have not been published.

Author rights for self-archiving in an institutional repository depend on publishers' policies as well as the publisher agreement signed; please see SPARC Author Rights or contact , Scholarly Communications Librarian for more details.

Student Work

Students must have their work approved and signed off on by a faculty advisor to be included in Touro Scholar. Students may restrict or not provide right to full-text access for a certain amount of time, or indefinitely. Students will be required to provide an abstract and keywords for posting.

Preservation Policy

Materials will remain in Touro Scholar indefinitely, with emphasis put on as much continued accessibility as is possible.

Materials will generally not be withdrawn from the repository, but may be for certain reasons; for example, a copyright violation. The metadata for the record will still remain even if the full text is withdrawn. Updates such as errata may be included, and if absolutely necessary, an updated version of the material as a whole may be submitted.

Style Guide

Materials must include:

  • Author(s) names.
  • Touro department/school.
  • Title of article or book.
  • Name of journal, volume, issue or date.
  • Page numbers (if not online-only journals, or article number if online-only and available).
  • DOI if available; if not, URL of article if available.
  • Abstract: This is a short summary of the article. If the author does not include an abstract, the administrators may write one instead. Administrators may also edit abstracts.
  • Keywords: We ask that authors provide keywords that relate to the material. Administrators will also assign keywords if the author does not provide them, and/or add additional terms if the author does provide keywords.
  • File format: We request that files be submitted in .pdf form; however, other file formats will be accepted.
  • Persistent Identifier: Not required, but strongly suggested, is including the author ResearcherID, Scopus, or ORCID.

Appendix – Campus-Specific Submissions

New York Medical College

  • Historical medical instruments
  • Digitized yearbooks
  • NYMC newsletters
  • Campus historical material

Touro University California

  • Campus historical material
  • Departmental newsletters or journals
  • Digitized yearbooks