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While much has been written about the effects of diabetes on cardiovascular functioning, less attention has been paid upon the role of diabetes on cognitive functioning. While researchers are still debating the pathophysiology of the cognitive dysfunction triggered by diabetes, including the possibility that Alzheimer’s being Type III diabetes, among other possibilities. Less research has targeted addressing these problems among those with diabetes. Social problems associated with having cognitive dysfunctions in diabetics, have received very little attention. Social activities are perhaps the most difficult and complicated behaviors humans engage in, Even the concept of measurable Social Intelligence comes relatively new to the psychology literature. This presentation focuses on ways to address both Cognitive and Social Dysfunctions related to Type 2 diabetes. Both types of dysfunction cause significant harm to those suffering from diabetes and addressing them in evidence based fashion offers an opportunity better manage functional impediments related to this disorder. They also may help to ameliorate some of the harm done by the decrease in both cognitive and social functioning.

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Originally published in the Archives of Medical and Biomedical Research, 2(1-3), 22. Licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0. This material can be found here.