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Meditation and mindfulness are practices that have becoming readily accepted within the mainstream Westernized culture, as evidenced by the plethora of widely available ways to implement them via online, written, and in-person resources. Expandingevidence demonstrating the beneficial physical and psychological consequences of adhering to these approaches are becoming better understood. As a result, the acceptance to use these approaches in practical applications appears to have become slowly more integrated within medical and scientific investigations over the past twenty years.The current discussion reviews the trending changes in publications of peer-reviewed medical and scientific literature encompassing these topics while providing insight as to the possible reasons why these changes have occurred.Based upon these empirical observations, it is anticipated that there will be further future upswings in usage for these approaches within clinical rehabilitation settings, particularly within the area of physical therapy.

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Originally published in the Journal of Yoga and Physiotherapy, 5(4). The original material can be found here.

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