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Master of Arts in Education (MA)

MA Concentration

Special Education Autism Spectrum Disorder


Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Online Learning, Paraprofessional, Professional Development, Special Education


Enrique Dominguez, Pamela A. Redmond, Jim O'Connor


This study sough to explore the effectiveness on online learning as format for delivering professional development to paraprofessionals working with students with autism in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This investigation was designed to gain greater awareness of the perceptions of those engaged learning from online instruction, understand the cost benefit to the organization and as well as the individual in utilizing online curriculum from professional development.

The study deployed a qualitative study methodology utilizing survey and archival test score data. Findings reviled an increase in content knowledge in the principles of ABA for study participants as measured by test scores and self-report. However perceptions of ease of use, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction with the training yielded mixed results.