Lynette Gray

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Master of Arts in Education (MA)

MA Concentration

Special Education


Pamela A. Redmond, Happy Johnson


Under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA 04), the California Department of Education (CDE) is responsible for conducting additional monitoring activities based on the data submitted by school districts through the California Special Education Management Information system (CASEMIS). Specifically, IDEA 04 requires CDE to make calculations and conduct monitoring related to disproportionality. CDE must identify districts that have disproportionate representation in special education based on race and ethnicity, and by disability. If a district is found to have a disproportionate representation the state is required to monitor the district to ensure that their policies, procedures and practices are compliant and do not lead to inappropriate identification. In Solano County, the Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD) is required to complete the Self Review under the direction of a state COE monitor analyst, who reviews the District's Special Education Department's policies, procedures and practices most. Special Education staffs, teachers and administrators, do not fully understand the purpose of this review; therefore this thesis/field project and resulting training project will explain the Self Review process and will provide a staff development enrichment/training program for anyone interested in the compliance review process.