Jaime Buschman

Publication Date


Document Type



Master of Education (MEd)

MA Concentration

Innovative Learning, Educational Technology


Diane Darrow, Pamela Redmond, Jim O'Connor


The purpose ori this project was to develop a unit of study for teachers, focusing on narrative writing b)'i talcing traditional writing practices and incorporating time for rehearsal and digital technology. The inclusion of technology in the Common Core State Standards forces teachers to examine how technology can best be used and to develop new methodologies with which to use it. Teachers are given different forms of i technology, but that do~sn't guarantee that teachers know how to use them or find benefit in their curriculum. Although technology is being handed out to students and teachers, curriculum has not been purchased to support the use of technology in the i classroom. Teachers are being asked to find their own ways of incorporating meaningful technology without curriculum to support them. Since many teachers already have loved and trusted writing curriculum, it makes sense to find ways to incorporate the meaningful I use of technology into the already developed writing program. A question to be asked of I I the modified curriculum is whether or not second grade students will show a transfer of I skills between their traditional writing and digital writing. This study was c.onducted in a self-contained second grade classroom. This I school did not have an adopted writing program. Teachers had the ability to choose I curriculum and writing programs of their liking. An adaptation of Lucy Calkins and Abby Oxenhorn's Small1 Moments: Personal Narrative Writing (2003) was used as a basis of curriculum, andidigital technology was incorporated into those lessons.

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