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Master of Arts in Education (MA)


Intellectual disabilities, development disabilities, social skills, Social Stories, Comic Strip Conversations


Linda Haymes, Pamela A. Redmond, Jim O'Connor


Social skills deficits and behavioral issues are a problem for many children with development disabilities. A lack of social skills affects not only the student's school career but follows him or her into adult life. There are a number of social skills interventions in use with varying degrees of success. One of the simplest to use is Social Stories. Social Stories are a social skills and behavioral intervention that was developed by Carol Gray in the early 1990's. Social Stories were originally designed for use with children on the autism spectrum. Past research and anecdotal information have suggested the use of Social Stories as a potential intervention for students with other developmental disabilities. The present study tested a Social Story intervention to improve on-task behavior for two high school students with Downs Syndrome. Following Gray's guidelines a Social Story was written and presented to the students. A multiple baseline across students was used to collect the data and measure the effectiveness of the intervention. Contrary to the hypotheses, Social Stories proved to be an ineffective intervention. Neither student achieved the goal of 80% on-task behavior nor did either student show consistent improvement.

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