COVID-19 Popular Press

COVID-19 Popular Press

A collection of popular press articles related to COVID-19 and Touro College & University System.


Submissions from 2021

Navigating the Job Market During the Pandemic and Beyond (News Article)

Touro University to begin COVID vaccine distribution (News Article)

Touro University in Las Vegas to assist in vaccinating health care workers (News Article)

Touro College Alumna Aims to Keep Kids Safe During Pandemic Touro School of Social Work Graduate Diana Roberts-Richards Honored by NYC with "Child Advocacy Award" for Leadership, Protecting Children from Harm’s Way (News Article)

COVID-19 as of January 12, 2021: An online webinar, the 9th Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symposium sponsored by New York Medical College of the Touro College and University System (News Article)

For Next Generation of Leaders, Touro Looks Inside Exclusive Pipeline Program Trains Faculty for New Roles (News Article)

Submissions from 2020

10 positive takeaways from 2020 as the year draws to a close (News Article)

Alumni Spotlight: Patrice Griffin NYSCAS Alum Shares How Her Past as an Abuse Survivor Led to Her New Book to Protect Children from Abuse (News Article)

Model Beis Din Goes Virtual Touro’s Lander College for Men Invites Yeshivas Worldwide to Join the Competition (News Article)

Welcome the New Students at the Graduate School of Education These Grad Students Discuss What It’s Like to Pursue Their Higher Education During a Pandemic (News Article)

New Grad Steps on Path to Career as Software Developer How Lander College for Men Alum Ezra Koppel Achieved His Goal Despite Graduating During Pandemic (News Article)

To Vax or Not to Vax?//Dr. Alan Kadish, President of Touro College, discusses the new COVID-19 vaccine (News Article)

No Better Time to Build a Better Future After a Fire Tore Through Her Building, This NYSCAS Medical Imaging Student Keeps Pushing Forward (News Article)

No Lab? No Problem: Touro College of Dental Medicine’s Simulation Lab Goes Virtual From New Jersey to California and everywhere in between, first year dental students are performing lab procedures from home and benefiting from greater connectivity (News Article)

Touro med student earns award for studying how healthcare workers feel about vaccines (News Article)

The Fauci Effect:' More people applying for medical school in Nevada (News Article)

New Holographic Patent Combined With 5G Wi-Fi Adds New Dimension To Entertainment, Medical Diagnostics, Telemedicine, Education and Communication (News Article)

Vaccination in the Era of Covid Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Awarded Grant for Research on Health Care Providers and Vaccinations (News Article)

Touro's new COVID testing program (News Article)

The Future of Cybersecurity Depends on Well-Trained Experts Q&A with Healthcare Cybersecurity Program Director Joe Giordano (News Article)

Touro Hosts Brooklyn Borough President Wide-Ranging Discussion Covers COVID Response, Education and Health Disparities (News Article)

COVID-19 as of December 3, 2020: An online webinar, the 8th Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symposium sponsored by New York Medical College of the Touro College and University System (News Article)

Eighth Symposium on COVID-19: What Have We Learned? How Can We Use What We Have Learned? (News Article)

Staying Safe Touro Leads with its Strengths: Proactive COVID-19 Surveillance Monitoring Helps Keep Infection Rates "Remarkably Low" (News Article)

Join us for the December 3 COVID-19 Symposium (News Article)

Self-Care Tips for American Diabetes Month Pharmacy Students Offer Suggestions for Staying Healthy During Covid-19 Pandemic (News Article)

Physical Therapy in the Age of CoronavirusTouro Physical Therapy Professor Explains How Telehealth is Helping Patients During Pandemic (News Article)

Immunize Nevada to Host Free Drive-Thru Food Pantry and Flu Shot Clinic in Partnership With Touro University and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas (News Article)

Pre- and Post- Thanksgiving COVID Testing (News Article)

Every Day is Veteran’s Day: TCDM Hosts Month-Long Smiles for Veterans Event Dental students provide veterans and their families with free oral health services throughout November (News Article)

Rabbi Asher Weiss to Deliver Inaugural Rabbi Zalman Levine Memorial Lecture Timeless Faith: Eternal Torah Perspectives and the Coronavirus Will Be Addressed (News Article)

Students searching for internships during the COVID pandemic must be prepared for AI-driven interviews (News Article)

Touro holds Community Service Day in Harlem (News Article)

Do I Really Need to Get Vaccinated for the Flu in 2020? Making the Case For Why the Flu Vaccine is More Important Than Ever This Year (News Article)

How to Stay Healthy During a Pandemic Touro Pharmacy Professor Shares the Truth About Supplements and How to Keep Your Immune System in Top Shape (News Article)

Join us for the October 28 Covid-19 Symposium (News Article)

Our President Reports: Touro Stands Strong: Your covid vaccine questions answered (News Article)

Six Standout Students Receive Maimonides Awards from Touro College of Health Sciences in Virtual Commencement Ceremony (News Article)

It was the worst of times… (News Article)

Join us for the September 24th Covid-19 Symposium (News Article)

COVID-19: How can students learn effectively, develop social skills in online classrooms? (News Article)

The Role of the Congressional Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations During Times Like These (News Article)

The Week Ahead: Touro hosts Social Justice in Public Health Speaker Series (News Article)

Touro College of Pharmacy Welcomes Class of 2024 (News Article)

The Wake-up Call the World Received in 5780 (News Article)

Join us for the August 18th Covid-19 Symposium (News Article)

Virtual Cybersecurity Internship is First Step on Path Toward Career in Web Development (News Article)

Best practices for getting hired over Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic (News Article)

How to Enjoy Summer During a Pandemic (News Article)

Our President Reports: Touro Stands Strong: What to expect at Touro the fall (News Article)

West Nile takes vacation as coronavirus rages in Southern Nevada (News Article)

Best Life: Tips on how to get hired through Zoom (News Article)

Five Months In: Dr. Robert Amler Shares The Latest Info NYMC’s Public Health Expert Answers The Top Corona Questions On Everyone’s Mind (News Article)

Fun and Easy Ed-Tech Tools to Engage Your Students in an Online Setting (News Article)

Pandemic Can’t Stop Lander Students from Securing Internships (News Article)

Touro students rally to help tend to Solano fire evacuees (News Article)

Moving Forward During COVID-19 (News Article)

In brief: Hear talk on police brutality, COVID-19’s health effects (News Article)

Touro-Hunter Study: Running a Social Service Agency Like a Business Can "Strip the Care Out of Social Work" (News Article)

Touro launches 6th annual Social Justice in Public Health Speaker Series (News Article)

Each failure brings us closer to our success (News Article)

Pandemic world learning: It’s all hands-on for Touro dental students (News Article)

How to handle the anxiety of returning to work in a pandemic (News Article)

In New York City, a business school built for a pandemic (News Article)

Tips For Going Hybrid in Fall 2020 (News Article)

Touro to host free Covid-19 symposium online (News Article)

NYC colleges during COVID: Latest on Fall 2020 semester at Touro, Kingsborough, Nyack (News Article)

Fifth Symposium COVID-19. What Have We Learned? How Can We Use What We Have Learned? (News Article)

Colleges, uncertainty and coronavirus: We shouldn’t force ourselves to answer complex questions prematurely (News Article)

How the NYSCAS Learning Centers Moved Online (News Article)

Returning to School: My Child, Me and Anxiety (News Article)

“I would do it all over again… at NYSCAS, of course” (News Article)

40 Breathable Face Masks for All Kinds of Outdoor Activities (News Article)

Touro Pharmacy Contributes in the Fight Against the Coronavirus (News Article)

12 Back-to-School Essentials Every Kid Will Need During a Pandemic (News Article)

Mastering DNA Fair Lawn scientist recalls origins of covid test machines (News Article)

A pandemic ethical conundrum: Must health care workers risk their lives to treat Covid-19 patients? (News Article)

Prepping for Flu Season in 2020: Why the Vaccine Is More Important Than Ever (News Article)

How to safely vacation during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (News Article)

How to Get Through the Pandemic: Family Edition (News Article)

The Center for Disaster Medicine at New York Medical College hosted New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's daily press briefing on June 9. (News Article)

TouroCOM Harlem’s 2020 grads ready to fight on pandemic frontline (News Article)

Jewish Education and Special Education in the Age of Corona and Beyond (News Article)

The Light at the End of the Tunnel (News Article)

Top 4 Platforms Elementary School Teachers are Using for Remote Teaching (News Article)

SUNY Orange considers shrinking amid budget crunch (News Article)

The TouroCOM Students Behind Behind Our Heroes (News Article)

Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine Middletown holds virtual commencement (News Article)

Touro medical students graduate into the coronavirus pandemic front lines (News Article)

Changing Lives Through Dentistry (News Article)

Committed to Meeting Great Need (News Article)

How to Succeed at Homeschooling (News Article)

The Best of Two Generations: Modern Dentistry, Traditional Values (News Article)

The Best of Two Generations: Modern Dentistry, Traditional Values (News Article)

What Parents Need to Know About COVID-19 and Kids (News Article)

Accountant-Turned-Critical Care Nurse is on the Front Lines (News Article)

The Notes: Philanthropy, May 18, 2020 (News Article)

Free Legal Help Available for Issues Related to Epidemic (News Article)

Homeschooling 101 for Parents: To Teach or Not to Teach? (News Article)

Bioethics & Corona (News Article)