COVID-19 Popular Press

COVID-19 Popular Press



Submissions from 2020

Med Students Graduate Early to Join the Front Lines in the Fight Against Coronavirus (News Article)

Heroes of the Day: Father-son team feeds hospital workers from family eatery (News Article)

Solano, Marin nursing schools consider options for students to enter workforce during COVID-19 pandemic (News Article)

Coronavirus: How COVID-19 progresses; a day-by-day breakdown of symptoms (News Article)

Couple Raises Funds to Send Food to Hospital Workers (News Article)

Touro Students, Faculty are Saving Lives Physically and Spiritually During Corona Crisis (News Article)

Another Door Opens: Helping Out During COVID-19 (News Article)

Bringing Books and Love to Young Readers as Learning and Community Goes Online (News Article)

Touro Dental Health offers virtual dental visits (News Article)

Clinical Skills and Simulation Center Pilots Virtual Standardized Patient Assessments (News Article)

Faculty Expert, Patricia L. Gerbarg, M.D., Provides Tips on Breathing Techniques for Coping During Unprecedented Times (News Article)

GHHS Supports Student Volunteer Efforts Amidst Pandemic (News Article)

New York Medical College and Touro College and University System Host Second COVID-19 Symposium (News Article)

The Dos & Don’ts of Staying Active During the Pandemic (News Article)

Top 8 Corona Questions for NYMC’s Public Health Expert (News Article)

Touro Dental Health Launches Virtual Dental Visits for Its Patients (News Article)

Solano County higher education adjusts well to outbreak guidelines (News Article)

Touro students translate CDC guidelines into different languages (News Article)

COVID-19 Research Spotlight: Dr. Salomon Amar (News Article)

Keeping Our Heads When All About Us Are Losing Theirs (News Article)

Las Vegas parking lot becomes homeless shelter amid coronavirus pandemic (News Article)

The Experts at Touro and the Center for Disaster Medicine at NYMC Addressed Coronavirus From All Angles (News Article)

Coronavirus Tips and Resources (News Article)

Diabetes, lung and heart disease common in US COVID-19 patients: CDC (News Article)

Divrei Chizzuk During the Time of Corona (News Article)

‘Eager to jump in’: Las Vegas-area medical students mobilize amid crisis (News Article)

Touro College Physician Assistant Program Donates Much Needed Medical Supplies (News Article)

Med students help with coronavirus screening, work call center (News Article)

TouroCOM Students Celebrate Match Results at Safe Distances (News Article)

US Army Corps to build hundreds of temporary hospitals for COVID-19 crisis (News Article)

COVID-19 as of March 30, 2020: What do we know? What don’t we know? What do we need to know? (News Article)

Morgan Atanasio, Inaugural Class of 2020, Shares Her Perspective on Staying Positive and Productive in the Midst of Disappointment (News Article)

Nevada Paints Social Distancing Boxes in Parking Lot For Homeless People to Sleep In (News Article)

Top 10 Tips For Staying Calm During the Corona Outbreak (News Article)

Touro University students help test homeless people for COVID-19 (News Article)

Medical students screen homeless for COVID-19 (News Article)

NYMC reacts to COVID with research and on-campus changes (News Article)

Touro University Nevada students screen homeless at Cashman Center (News Article)

Cashman Center lot opens as temporary homeless shelter (News Article)

Dr. Amy Stone Answers Questions About COVID-19 (News Article)

Around Touro, Students, Faculty Use their Skills to Make a Difference During Corona Outbreak (News Article)

NYMC Students Step Up to Care for the Community On the Front Lines and Behind the Scenes During this Coronavirus Outbreak (News Article)

NYMC Students Support Their Brethren in Healthcare on the Front Line and Behind the Scenes (News Article)

TouroCOM Harlem Students Volunteer to Help the Community During COVID-19 (News Article)

TouroCOM Middletown Students Follow Up With Positive Orange County Coronavirus Patients (News Article)

Touro Stands Strong in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic A Message from Touro President, Dr. Alan Kadish (News Article)

Life at Lander Continues Online (News Article)

One Professor's Transformation From No-Tech to High-Tech, the Teaching and Learning Continue (News Article)

Adjusting to the Culture Shock of Social Distancing How to Adjust to and Thrive in Our New Normal (News Article)

School of Medicine Class of 2020 Celebrates Match Day Virtually (News Article)

TouroCOM Middletown Students Help Town Deal with Coronavirus Outbreak (News Article)

TouroCOM Professor and Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Conrad Fischer, on His Fight Against Coronavirus (News Article)

At-Home Self-Care, pt1 (News Article)

At-Home Self-Care, pt2 (News Article)

Frequently Asked Questions for the Touro SHS Admissions Team (News Article)

Are You Prepared for Online Learning?Touro Dean Offers Top Tips To Help Students Adapt to Distance Learning (News Article)

LCW Professor and Mental Health Counselor Offers Tips and Advice for Students Adjusting to the Coronavirus Shutdown (News Article)

State looks to expand medical facilities (News Article)

Touro Saw Coronavirus Threat We Mobilized Our Center for Disaster Medicine Without Wasting Time (News Article)

Is it safe to hike Runyon Canyon? Or work out at the gym? (News Article)

Touro College dean says COVID-19 ‘will settle down” (News Article)

Touro University moving to online instruction next week (News Article)

Coronavirus and law schools: Numerous schools canceling in-person classes (News Article)

At Least 135 Colleges Have Canceled In-Person Classes (So Far) Over Coronavirus Fears (News Article)

New York Medical College’s Center For Disaster Medicine Provides Training To Yonkers Fire Department To Prepare For Mass Casualty And Disaster Situations (News Article)

Touro grad examines scope of coronavirus spread (News Article)

Coronavirus: Advice from Touro's medical school (News Article)

Coronavirus: What We Know, What We Don’t Know and What You Need to Know (News Article)

New York Medical College and Touro College & University System Host Educational Event On Coronavirus (News Article)

New York Medical College’s Center for Disaster Medicine Hosts Training Session for Putnam Police Department (News Article)

Coronavirus: What we know. What we don't know. What you need to know. (News Article)

Deadly virus spreads, but experts say risk in Las Vegas is low (News Article)

New York Medical College’s Center for Disaster Medicine Provides Training to White Plains Hospital to Prepare for Disaster Situations (News Article)

Submissions from 2019

New York Medical College’s Center for Disaster Medicine Hosts Pediatric Focused Disaster Response Training (News Article)

New York Medical College’s Center for Disaster Medicine Brings Mass Casualty Triage Training to Western New York at Kaleida Health (News Article)