Submissions from 2021

Inside and Out, Alone and Together, Esther Boylan (Presentation)

The Significance of Lag Ba'Omer within the days of Sefiras Ha'Omer in the World of Halakhah and Hashkafah, Howard Tzvi Flaum (Article)

Relationships in the Megilah: Lessons for our own lives,, Naomi Klapper (Presentation)

The Making of a Matriarch: Unmasking the Identity of Esther in the Megillah, Yael Krumbein (Presentation)

arasha Terumah: The mishkan as blueprint for the Beit HaMikdash and the home as Beit HaMikdash me'at, bayit ne'aman., David B. Levy (Presentation)

Divine Time from Pesah, Sefirat Ha-Omer, counting up to Shavuos, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Internet Ethics: A Halakhic Approach, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Lag BaOmer and The Rashbi in Idra Zutra of Sefer HaZohar, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Music and Musical Instruments in the Tanakh, David B. Levy (Article)

Parasha Ki Tisa and Zecher LeMachsit HaShekel, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Rabbinic laws of war and the Three Vows form Shir HaShirim, David B. Levy (Presentation)

The Dead Sea Scrolls: a Halakhic Approach, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Forbidden Fruit, Necessary Evil Or Spiritual Imperative: Perspectives on Secular Studies and the Orthodox Community, David Luchins (Presentation)

Music and Political Theory, Tom Rozinski (Presentation)

The [Un]Hidden Identity of Queen Esther, Shulamit Rubin (Presentation)

Esther: The Tragic Heroine, Mahnaz Shmalo (Presentation)

Decoding Esther’s Plan, Marian Stoltz-Loike (Presentation)

Esther’s Plan to Redeem a King, Marian Stoltz-Loike (Presentation)

Esther as High Priest? The Affinity between Purim and Yom Kippur,, Susan Weissman (Presentation)

Submissions from 2020

Women Confronting Authority: Esther, Avigayil and the Miyaldot, Esther Boylan (Presentation)

Maimonides  Laws of Repentance, Stanley Boylan (Presentation)


A literature citation correction: Macfadyen et al., 1935, Howard R. Feldman (Article)


Brachiopod Endemism in the Jurassic Ethiopian Faunal Province, Howard R. Feldman, Robert B. Blodgett, and Elisheva Marcus (Article)

Breaking Up is Hard to Do? French Jews Confront Church-State Separation, 1905-10., Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Presentation)

5 Wissenschaft des Judentums Bewegung Scholar Research Librarians, David B. Levy (Presentation)

arasha Toldot: The model of Yitchak teaching us how to davon without complaint in mincha related to haftorah Yetro reaching the Hechalot,, David B. Levy (Presentation)

A Rif on Koheleth for Sukkot: The most philosophic text for the most philosophic holida, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Aspects of the Beit HaMikdash, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Author showcase AJL Zoom Book Feature, Essays in the Philosophy and History of Science, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Bereishit: Yesh mi-ayin (creation ex nihilo), 13th Century Kabbalistic paradigms in Provence, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Censorship of Jewish Books: Late Renaissance to Nazi Book Burnings, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Censorship of Rambam's Sefer Moreh HaNevukhim, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Food Folkways as Simanim on Rosh Hashanah, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Hanukkah and the al ha-nissim tefillah, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Jewish Environmental Ethics: Being Hashem's Stewards to Care, Protect, Conserve, and Safegaurd, The World's Eco Systems, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Jewish views on Women's Rights, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Love, Reverence, and Cherishing of Text as a Rabbinic Torah Ethic., David B. Levy (Presentation)

Maftir Yona and the Connection to Hanukkah and the fate of Ninevah, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Metaphors in the Mahzor, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Organization of the Judaic Calendar: From the Sanhedrin to Hillel II to ibn Ezra Mathematical Science of Intercalation, David B. Levy (Article)

Parasha ma'asei: Spiritual journeys, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Rambam's understanding of kishuf and kesem, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Religious Zionism, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Rosh Hodesh in Tanakh, Talmudim, Midrashim, Responsa, and History, David B. Levy (Article)

The Akedat Yitzchak: Hashgahah pratit (Providence) vs. Bechirah (free will) in the Context of Behirah (Hashem's foreknowledge), David B. Levy (Presentation)

The asserot ha-debrot (10 commandments): and the Rabbinic Reception History, David B. Levy (Article)

The Baal HaTurim on Ki Tavo, David B. Levy (Presentation)

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Censorship on Multiple Levels, David B. Levy (Presentation)

The Spiritual, Halakhic, and historical Aspects of Hanukah and the Menorah, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Torah lishma: Ideally a Rabbinic Ethos, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Tu B'Av in Tanakh, Talmudim, Midrashim, Rishonim, and History,, David B. Levy (Presentation)

Vayera: The question of Hashgahah pratit (Providence), free will (behira) and G-d's foreknowledge (Yediah) in the context of Rabbi Akiva's statement "ha-kol tzofia ve-reshut nitana",, David B. Levy (Presentation)


Opinion: Making Online Teaching a Success, John D. Loike and Marian Stoltz-Loike (Article)

Chana and Rosh Hashana, Shulamit Rubin (Presentation)

Connecting the Individual and the Community, Marian Stoltz-Loike (Presentation)

Final Judgement and the Dead in Medieval Jewish Thought, Susan Weissman (Book)

Submissions from 2019

Hoshea and Yonah: The Imperfect Prophets of Repentance, Esther Boylan (Presentation)

Ultra-Deep Sub-Salt Hydrocarbon Exploration Targets: Dead Sea Rift Zone-Implications From Ultra-Deep U.S. Gulf Of Mexico, Anadarko, Permian, and Tarim (China) Basin Successes, Samuel A. Epstein, Elizabeth Chinn McDade, Allan Spector, and Howard R. Feldman (Article)

The Geology of Eagle Cliff, Howard Feldman (Presentation)


Geoarchaeology of Israel, Howard R. Feldman (Book)


A Paleobiogeographic Comparison between Mediterranean Iberian Triassic Faunas and those of the Sephardic Province, Howard R. Feldman and Talia J. Belowich (Abstract)


A New Comprehensive Brachiopod Bibliography And Database, Howard R. Feldman, R.B. Blodgett, A. Laks, and Dania Halperin (Article)


A New Comprehensive Brachiopod Bibliography and Database, Howard R. Feldman, Robert B. Blodgett, Atara Laks, and Dania Halerpin (Abstract)


Callovian (Middle Jurassic) terebratulide brachiopods from the Jordan Valley (northwestern Jordan), Howard R. Feldman, Barbara V. Radulović, Vladan J. Radulović, and Fayez Ahmad (Article)


Middle Jurassic terebratulide brachiopods from the Jordan Valley (northwestern Jordan), Howard R. Feldman, Barbara V. Radulović, Vladan J. Radulović, and Fayez Ahmad (Article)


Language of Music and its Psychophysical Foundations, Marina Korsakova-Kreyn (Article)

Review Essay: Chief Rabbi Hertz: The Wars of the Lord by Derek Taylor, Moshe Y. Miller and Derek Taylor (Article)


Investigation of the Amplitude–Time Characteristics of the N200 and P600 Waves of Event-Related Potentials during Processing of the Distance of Tonal Modulation, G. S. Radchenko, K. N. Gromov, Marina N. Korsakov-Kreyn, and A. I. Fedotchev (Article)

Artworks shown at the Museum of Moscow and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Carol Steen (Article)

Movie: Hypnagogic Mandalas, Carol Steen (Presentation)

Synesthetic and Hypnagogic Imagery, Carol Steen (Presentation)

Two Kinds of Visions, Synesthesia and Hypnagogia: A Comparison, Carol Steen (Article)

Я думать не могла тогда, в ноябре 1995 года, что синестезия станет настолько известна во всем мире, получит признание, одобрение и даже станет объектом зависти…, Carol Steen (Book Chapter)

Movie: Synesthesia and Art, Carol Steen and Greta Berman (Presentation)

Responses to Responses to Shakespeare's Sonnets: More Sonnets, Matthew Zarnowiecki, Rob Conkie, and Scott Maisano (Book Chapter)


Review: The Typographic Imaginary in Early Modern English Literature, Matthew Zarnowiecki and Rachel Stenner (Article)

Submissions from 2018


The Triassic Saharonim Formation of the Sephardic Province on the Southern Tethyan Margin Is an Analog for the Triassic Germanic Muschelkalk of Western Europe, Howard R. Feldman and Talia J. Belowich (Abstract)


The Sting of Satire: The Jesus Figure in Immanuel of Rome's Hell, Dana W. Fishkin (Article)

Preface, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Book Chapter)


The Plight of the Agunah: The Proposal of the Union des Rabbins Français, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Book Chapter)


Autonomic-System Representation of Emotion Associated with Listening to Short Musical Fragments, Marina N. Korsakov-Kreyn (Abstract)


An ERP Study of P600 and N200 Effects Elicited by Distance of Tonal Modulation, G. S. Radchenko, K. N. Gromov, and Marina N. Korsakov-Kreyn (Abstract)


Influence of Tonal Modulation in a Melodic Line on the Spectral Parameters of Human EEG., G. S. Radchenko, K. N. Gromov, S. B. Parin, Marina N. Korsakov-Kreyn, A. T. Bondar, and A. I. Fedotchev (Article)


Interactive Map Portal of Some Important Fossil Localities Along the Southern Tethyan Margin of the Sephardic (Triassic) and Ethiopian (Jurassic) Faunal Provinces, Marcelo Rosensaft and Howard R. Feldman (Abstract)


Synesthesia: Seeing the World Differently, A Phenomenological Report, Carol Steen (Poster)

Submissions from 2017


Combination of Rapamycin and Resveratrol for Treatment of Bladder Cancer, Anya Alayev, Rachel S. Salamon, Naomi S. Schwartz, Adi Y. Berman, Sara L. Wiener, and Marina K. Holz (Article)

Continental Drift and Its Effect on Evolution, O. Alon and Howard R. Feldman (Poster)

Phyletic Gradualism or Punctuated Equilibria: Which Provides a More Accurate Reading of the Fossil Record?, T. Aryeh and Howard R. Feldman (Poster)


Harnessing an Effective Geoscience Curriculum for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dina Billig and Howard R. Feldman (Article)


Political Gerrymandering: Was Elbridge Gerry Right?, C. Daniel Chill (Article)

Ammonoid Functional Morphology and Biostratigraphic Importance, S. Dunner and Howard R. Feldman (Poster)


A Unique Petroglyph Carving on the Shawangunk Ridge, Lower Hudson Valley, New York, Howard R. Feldman (Abstract)


Tunethyris Blodgetti sp. nov. (Brachiopoda, Terebratulida) from the Middle Triassic of Makhtesh Ramon, Southern Israel, Howard R. Feldman (Article)


Dielasma or Tunethyris? A Taxonomic Conundrum, Howard R. Feldman, Talia J. Belowich, Tova Braver, and Sarah Laks (Poster)


Book Review: The Secret Faith of Maestre Honoratus: Profayt Duran and Jewish Identity in Late Medieval Iberia, Dana W. Fishkin (Book Review)

Evolution and Religion: Is There a Controversy?, A. Forman and Howard R. Feldman (Poster)


Rabbinic Attempts to Resolve the Agunah Dilemma in Early-Twentieth-Century France, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Article)


Book Review: In Looking Back One Learns to See: Marcel Proust and Photography, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book Review)

Cartooning Citizen Collaboration: A 1949 Jewish War Film in Moscow, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book Chapter)


Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch's Nineteen Letters on Judaism: Orthodoxy Confronts the Modern World, Moshe Y. Miller (Book Chapter)