Submissions from 2019


Bereavement Hallucinations After the Loss of a Spouse: Associations with Psychopathological Measures, Personality and Coping Style, Karina Stengaard Kamp, Maya O'Connor, Helle Spindler, and Andrew Moskowitz (Article)

Submissions from 2018


Definition of Intercultural Competence (IC) in Undergraduate Students at a Private University in the USA: A Mixed-Methods Study., Lioba Gierke, Nadine Binder, Mark Heckmann, Özen Odağ, Anne Leiser, and Karina K. Kedzior (Article)


Schizophrenia and Dissociation: Its Relation with Severity, Self-Esteem and Awareness of Illness, Ania Justo, Alicia Risso, Andrew Moskowitz, and Anabel Gonzalez (Article)


Comment on ‘Conceptual Disorganization and Dissociative Symptoms in Women with First Episode Psychosis’ (Touskova et al., 2018), Andrew Moskowitz (Article)