Submissions from 2019

When Your Subject Goes Underground: Methodological Challenges in Writing About Jews in Hiding During the Holocaust in Eastern Europe, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)


Review: A Specter Haunting Europe: The Myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, Natalia Aleksiun and Paul Hanebrink (Book Review)

Nihil novi? Historiografia pogromów z lat 1921–1939, Natalia Aleksiun, Kamil Kijek, Artur Markowski, and Konrad Zieliński (Book Chapter)

Studenci z pałkami: rozruchy antyżydowskie na Uniwersytecie Stefana Batorego w Wilnie, Natalia Aleksiun, Kamil Kijek, Artur Markowski, and Konrad Zieliński (Book Chapter)

Antisemitism and Amalek, Judith Bleich (Presentation)

Freud’s Moses and Monotheism, Judith Bleich (Presentation)

The Shofar: Music vs. Muse, Judith Bleich (Presentation)


The Foundations of American Jewish Liberalism. By Kenneth D. Wald, Zev Eleff (Article)

Mamzer, Simcha Fishbane (Book Chapter)

Mihnag in The Haye Adam—The Case of Kitniyot on Passover, Simcha Fishbane (Article)

Women's Literacy in Eastern Europe During the 18th and Early 19th Centuries: The Case of Haye Adam, Simcha Fishbane and Julie Joseph (Book)

Can Halakhic Texts Talk Magic?, Simcha Fishbane, Daniel Maoz, Harry Fox, and Tirzah Meacham (Book Chapter)

An 1899 Postal Card Offers a Unique Insight Into American Jewish History, Edward C. Halperin, Simcha Fishbane, and Kevin Alter (Article)

The Aftermath of Separation: Restructuring French Jewry, 1905-1910, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Presentation)

Review Essay: Chief Rabbi Hertz: The Wars of the Lord by Derek Taylor, Moshe Y. Miller and Derek Taylor (Article)


Prologue, Mordecai Paldiel, Arnold Douwes, Bob Moore, and Johannes Houwink ten Cate (Book Chapter)

Historical Causation in Medieval Approaches to the Reasons for Biblical Commandments, Michael Shmidman (Presentation)

Maimonides and Nahmanides on the Utilization of Historical Causation in Interpretation of Biblical Commandments, Michael Shmidman (Presentation)

Maimonides on Free Will, Michael Shmidman (Presentation)

Maimonides on Free Will, Michael Shmidman (Presentation)

Maimonides on Messianism, Michael Shmidman (Presentation)


"In Hebreo": The Victorine Exegesis of the Bible in the Light of Its Northern-French Jewish Sources., Michael A. Shmidman and Montse Leyra Curiá (Article)

Submissions from 2018

1918 in the Biographies of Lviv Jews, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Beyond Food: What Jews in Hiding Took with Them, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Documentation, Self-Censorship and Early Holocaust Testimonies in Poland, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Encountering Genocide: The Legacy of Civil Resistance against the Nazis, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Family Networks and Surviving the Holocaust in Eastern Europe, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)


Food, Money and Barter in the Lvov Ghetto, Eastern Galicia, Natalia Aleksiun (Book Chapter)

Gender and the Daily Lives of Jews Hiding in Nazi Occupied Eastern Europe During the Holocaust, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Gender Turn in Jewish Studies, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Growing up Jewish in Eastern Europe, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Jewish Family Networks in Poland and their Role during the Holocaust, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Jewish Survivor Networks from Eastern Galicia after the Holocaust, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Jews in Galicia Imagine Independent Poland, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Jews on Trial after the Holocaust (Respondent), Natalia Aleksiun (Article)

New Research on the Holocaust in Romania (Respondent), Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

On Radical Jewish Female Voices in Eastern Europe, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Survivor Networks and the Polish Postwar Trials, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

The Anatomy of Antisemitism: Jews, Cadavers and the Politics of Medical Discourse in East Central Europe, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Uneasy Bonds: Jews in Hiding and the Making of Surrogate Families, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Żydowska Polskość/Jewish Polishness: Past and Present Interpretations, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Moses Mendelssohn: An Enigmatic Personality, Judith Bleich (Presentation)

Moshe Rabbenu: The Prophet and the Portrait, Judith Bleich (Presentation)

Old and New Meanings of Community for the Jewish People and the Catholic Church, Simcha Fishbane (Presentation)

Profane and Holy in Mishnah’s Cosmos: The Case of the Diaspora, Simcha Fishbane (Presentation)


Magic and Science in Medieval Ashkenaz, Dana W. Fishkin (Book Review)


The Sting of Satire: The Jesus Figure in Immanuel of Rome's Hell, Dana W. Fishkin (Article)

The Plight of the Agunah: Rabbinic Attempts to Harmonize Jewish and French Law in Early-Twentieth-Century France, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Presentation)

Maimonides’ Conception of Holiness, Michael Shmidman (Presentation)

Maimonides on the Messianic Age, Michael Shmidman (Presentation)

Submissions from 2017

Book Review: Die Shoah im Distrikt Krakau Jüdisches Leben und Deutsche Besatzung in Tarnów 1939-1945 [The Shoah in the District of Krakow: Jewish Life and German Occupation in 1939-1945 Tarnów], Natalia Aleksiun (Book Review)


Book Reviews: The Ransom of the Jews: The Story of the Extraordinary Secret Bargain Between Romania and Israel and Kraj Bez Wyjścia? Migracje z Polski 1949-1989 [A Country Without a Way Out? Migrations from Poland 1949-1989], Natalia Aleksiun (Book Review)


Intimate Violence: Jewish Testimonies on Victims and Perpetrators in Eastern Galicia, Natalia Aleksiun (Article)

Reading Between the Lines: Court Testimonies and Communal Genocide in Dolina, Eastern Galicia, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

Survivor Networks and the Polish Post-War Trials, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)

The Galician Paradigm? Postwar Experiences of German-Speaking Polish Jewish Survivors, Natalia Aleksiun (Presentation)


Clerical Robes: Distinction or Dishonor?, Judith Bleich (Article)


Early Orthodox Journalism, Judith Bleich (Article)


Construction, Reconstruction and Deconstruction: Stories about Records from the Ottoman Heartlands, Yehoshua Ecker (Presentation)


Jewish Mourning Customs During the Spring Season (Sefirat Haomer): A Ritual Act of Collective Memory, Simcha Fishbane (Book)


Mipnei Darkei Shalom: The Promotion of Harmonious Relationships in the Mishnah’s Social Order, Simcha Fishbane (Article)


No ‘Right’ of Passage? The Rabbinic Dispute Regarding the Propriety of Bat Mitzvah Celebrations (Abridged Version), Simcha Fishbane (Conference Proceeding)


The Meaning of the Jewish Festival of Purim: What Its Rituals and Customs Symbolize, Simcha Fishbane (Book)


The Pilgrimage to the Temple and the Giving of the Torah: Rabbinical Interpretations of the Festival of Shavuot, Simcha Fishbane (Book)


The Rabbinic Discussion About Bat Mitzvah Celebrations: Girl Puberty Rites in Judaism, Simcha Fishbane (Book)


The Slaughter of a Rooster at the Jewish Festival of Yom Kippur: An Explanation of the Ritual of Kapparot, Simcha Fishbane (Book)


Why Jewish Women Are Not Permitted to Work on the Festival of Rosh Hodesh: An Anthropological Explanation, Simcha Fishbane (Book)


From the Editors, Simcha Fishbane, Eric Levine, and Herbert Basser (Article)


Book Review: The Secret Faith of Maestre Honoratus: Profayt Duran and Jewish Identity in Late Medieval Iberia, Dana W. Fishkin (Book Review)


Rabbinic Attempts to Resolve the Agunah Dilemma in Early-Twentieth-Century France, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Article)


Book Review: In Looking Back One Learns to See: Marcel Proust and Photography, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book Review)

Cartooning Citizen Collaboration: A 1949 Jewish War Film in Moscow, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book Chapter)

Submissions from 2016

An Invisible Web: Philip Friedman and the Network of Holocaust Research, Natalia Aleksiun (Book Chapter)

The Cadaver Affair in the Second Polish Republic: A Case Study of Practical Antisemitism, Natalia Aleksiun (Book Chapter)

Back to the Yeshiva: The Social Dynamics of an Orthodox Sabbath Morning Service, Simcha Fishbane (Book Chapter)

Behind the Purim Mask: The Symbolic Representation of the Rituals and Customs of Purim, Simcha Fishbane (Book Chapter)

Holy and Licit Magic and Halacha: The Case of the Aruch HaShulcan, Simcha Fishbane (Conference Proceeding)

The Impact of Culture and Cultures Upon Jewish Customs and Rituals: Collected Essays, Simcha Fishbane (Book)

Contention, Controversy, and Change - Evolutions and Revolutions in the Jewish Experience (Vol. 1), Simcha Fishbane and Eric Levine (Book)

Contention, Controversy, and Change - Evolutions and Revolutions in the Jewish Experience (Vol. 2), Simcha Fishbane and Eric Levine (Book)

The Roots of Satmar Anti-Zionism: Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, Zionism, and Hungarian Ultra-orthodoxy, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Book Chapter)


The Jews of Modern France: Images and Identities, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan and Nadia Malinovich (Book)

Drawing the Iron Curtain: Jews and the Golden Age of Soviet Animation, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book)

Exhibiting Dreyfus in America: The Jewish Museum of New York and the Soviet Jewry Movement, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book Chapter)


Portraits from Vienna: The Rabbinical Subject and the Female Artist, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Article)

Emancipation, Modernity, and Jewish Identity in America, Mervin F. Verbit (Book Chapter)

Submissions from 2015


Pleading for Cadavers: Medical Students at the University of Vienna and the Study of Anatomy, Natalia Aleksiun (Article)


Intermarriage in the Early Modern Period, Judith Bleich (Book Chapter)


A Socialist Drumont? Alphonse Toussenel and the Jews, Zvi Jonathan Kaplan (Article)


Dressing Up: Religion and Ethnicity in Israeli National Dolls, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Article)


Exhibiting Zionism in Israel, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book Review)


Repaving the Street of Crocodiles, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book Review)


Tropical Russian Bears: Jews and Soviet Animation During The Cold War, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Article)

Submissions from 2014


Gender and the Daily Lives of Jews in Hiding in Eastern Galicia, Natalia Aleksiun (Article)

Les Jeunes Historiens Juifs dans la Pologne de L'entre-deux-guerres: L'identite Nationale Juive et La quete de L'histoire [Young Jewish Historians in Interwar Poland: Jewish National Identity and Historical Research], Natalia Aleksiun (Book Chapter)

Together but Apart: University Experience of Jewish Students in the Second Polish Republic, Natalia Aleksiun (Article)

"What Matters Most is Life Itself": Europe in the Eyes of Marek Edelman, Natalia Aleksiun (Book Chapter)


Jewish Art, Modern and Contemporary, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Article)

Marc Chagall, Maya Balakirsky Katz (Book Chapter)