Aims & Scope

Quill & Scope publishes a wide range of creative writing, medical research, personal anecdotes, and visual arts. Diversity and breadth of scope are core values of the journal, as are integrity and professionalism.

Each and every submission is thoughtfully reviewed by our editors, who partner with the original authors to ensure that the published pieces are true to form. All work on the journal is accomplished through the Quill & Scope Club, which can be joined at any time while at New York Medical College. For more information on the club, or if you are interested in joining our team as an editor, please either see our table during the annual NYMC Club Fair or send an email to nymc.journal@gmail.com . We look forward to working with you!

Submission Categories


Discuss current hot topics and/or important issues in medicine and medical education. Opinions are allowed as long as they are backed up with facts. Quotes and references encouraged. Suggested Topics include: Medicine; Public Health; Research; Ethics; Health Policy; Health Law.


New or creative way of learning a topic.


Interviews with inspiring/interesting people, doctors, faculty, or fellow students.


Personal Views on any topic relevant to medical students; Personal vignettes; Patient-Student-Physician relationship; Poetry and Medicine.


Objective reporting: only the facts, no comments or opinion. Try to get quotes, and be sure to name sources.

Current Events

Medical Journal Summary; Clinical Advances; Biotechnology; Ethical Challenges; Social Issues/Patient Interactions; Medical School Experience and Survival.

Rapid Responses

Letters, responses to articles in a prior edition.

Research Articles

Student is first author and research is conducted while at New York Medical College.

Original Artwork & Photography

Sketches, paintings, photographs. Scan or photograph your work to submit.

Submission Process

Please send any piece you would like to be considered for publication to nymc.journal@gmail.com. Rough drafts are encouraged! The Quill & Scope Editorial Board will then pair your piece with a literary or art editor and work with you to get the finalized piece published in our digital and physical journal.