Aims & Scope

Quill & Scope Journal Publishes a Wide Range of Creative Writing, Medical Inquisition, and the Arts

Review the following list of nonfiction categories when deciding which topic(s) you would like to submit to. When you are ready to submit an article or artwork to the journal, click "Submit Article" located in the left sidebar and follow the steps to submission.



Discuss current hot topics and/or important issues in medicine and medical education. Opinions are allowed as long as they are backed up with facts. Quotes and references encouraged. Cutting edge, topical, and well argued. Suggested Topics include: Medicine; Public Health; Research; Ethics; Health Policy; Health Law. 1500 word limit


Objective reporting: only the facts, no comments or opinion.Try to get quotes, and be sure to name sources. 400 word limit


About subjects not covered well in commonly used textbooks. New or creative way of learning a topic. Must be coauthored by expert in area that is being discussed. 1000 word limit


Interviews with inspiring/interesting people, doctors, faculty, or fellow students. 750 word limit


Books; Websites; Media; Exhibitions; Plays. 400 word limit


Personal Views on any topic relevant to medical students; Personal vignettes; Patient-Student-Physician relationship; Poetry and Medicine. 1000 word limit

Current Events

Medical Journal Summary; Clinical Advances; Biotechnology; Ethical Challenges; Social Issues/Patient Interactions; Medical School Experience and Survival. 400 word limit

Rapid Responses

Letters, responses to articles in a prior edition. 250 word limit

Original Research

Student is first author. Work done at NYMC by NYMC student under a faculty supervisor. Abstract up to 250 words

Original Artwork & Photography

Sketches, paintings, photographs. Scan or photograph your work to submit.