Senior Editorial Board

Josh Simmons, School of Medicine, Class of 2024

My name is Josh Simmons–I’m an MS4 going into Emergency Medicine and the current Editor-in-Chief of Quill & Scope. Before deciding on medical school, I often imagined I’d pursue a career in the humanities. Looking back, I’m thankful that I chose medicine, a path that allows me to engage both the scientific and humanistic aspects of my identity on a daily basis. I see Quill and Scope not only as a medium for showcasing the incredible talent of the NYMC student body, but also an important creative outlet for many other students who, like me, value the integration of the arts alongside the sciences. As for my own interests, I’ve been involved in creative writing groups since high school and worked as a literary and managing editor before taking on this role, but more recently I’ve been dabbling in woodworking and resin casting. I hope you enjoy this year’s issue as much as our editorial board enjoyed putting it together!

Sabrina Martinez, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Class of 2023

Hello, my name is Sabrina Martinez. I am a graduating second year master’s student in the BioMedical Science program, the President of the Graduate Student Association, and a Quill and Scope Managing Editor. Apart from pursuing a career as a veterinary technician, I enjoy a variety of different hobbies which include painting and writing. While continuing my studies, a personal goal of mine is to help maintain this space within the Quill and Scope community for students like myself to create and explore other passions in the arts as well as the sciences.

Emma Bloom, School of Medicine, Class of 2024

My name is Emma Bloom, and I am an MS-4 at NYMC currently applying for neurology residency. I have always been drawn to the intersection of the sciences and humanities, and feel so fortunate to explore both sides as Chief of Design of Quill & Scope! It has been so inspiring to see so much creativity in our Touro community and equally rewarding to help provide a platform to share it. When I am not studying or on rotations, I love photography, collaging, cooking, hiking, and traveling.

Priyanka Gera, School of Medicine, Class of 2026

My name is Priyanka Gera. I am a second year student at New York Medical College in the MD/MPH program. I am excited to join Quill and Scope as a Managing Editor for the 2023-2024 academic year. For the past 10 years, I have been an editor and writer in my schools’ newspapers covering everything from school and community events to faculty interviews. Working with artists through a myriad of mediums (poetry, photography, painting, or prose) is a new journey for me and I look forward to learning from the rest of my team and all Quill and Scope contributors! Fun fact: I am a Harry Potter nerd and am a proud representative of Slytherin.

Patricia Weinstein, School of Medicine, Class of 2026

My name is Patricia Weinstein. I am a second year at New York Medical College and a Managing Editor of Quill and Scope. I was trained at the Art Students League and LaGuardia and worked as a Studio Art and Art History teacher. I work with a variety of sculptural mediums (the photo below shows a plaster and ceramic bust I created) including wood, stone, plaster, wax, ceramic, and metal. I also enjoy 2D work such as oil or acrylic painting, drawing with ink or graphite, and figure drawing with oil pastels and charcoal. I love being able to work with visual art in any capacity and Quill and Scope has allowed me to work with other artists at Touro.

Special Thanks to...

Jeanette Aprile, MSILS, Scholarly Communications Librarian, for keeping the journal alive with your guidance and support, and for helping us share our work on this website.