As U.S. healthcare accelerates into an era of science fiction, we find that most diseases are treatable via technological intervention. This has, unfortunately, reduced the role of the physician as the patient’s teacher and advocate in the clinical setting. The Cancer Education and Awareness Program attempts to tackle one of the worst diagnoses a patient can receive, and dispel the misconceptions the general popu- lation has about the prevention of disease. We do this by reaching out to high school students in the local community, and through the method of storytelling, we teach them the science behind the disease. This allows them to be able to appreciate a more tangible aspect of disease that seems generally out of their reach. CEAP has tried to bring back the role of the physician as an educator by taking this role straight into a high school classroom. We hope this will allow our target audience to learn about the relevant consequences of their decisions now, and to impact their health in the future.



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